We are a Software Consultancy based in London. Over the last 10 years, we have successfully delivered projects of all shapes and sizes – hybrid mobile apps, search solutions using Solr/Elasticsearch or project management to steer the ship in the right direction. Why not get in touch?


Healthy recipe box subscription service

Ruby Rails Microservices Vue.js API Heroku Kafka PostgreSQL

Try Tuesday

Fashion personalisation engine

Ruby Rails API PostgreSQL Heroku Neural-networks React Microservices


NowTV sales journey

Javascript React Cucumber API docker


Watch/Manage your account from anywhere

Ruby Sinatra Cucumber API Websockets SkyQ-photos-app Heroku


Get anything delivered, anywhere

Ruby Rails Grape API AngularJS Alpha-stage-startup


Learn writing, speaking and reading English

Ruby Rails API Hybrid-mobile-app Phonegap Javascript Heroku

BBC Snippets

Find, snip and download a snippet from digitised BBC archives in under 5 mins

Ruby Rails Sinatra JavaScript Microservices API Solr TDD